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What Else We Offer


Our knowledge and aftercare is something we are immensely proud of! It only takes a quick look through our reviews on Facebook or Google to see what our amazing customers think. The shop really isn't a 9-5 for us, its our passion and most days we leave the shop many hours after closing, we just can't get enough! The learning never stops, we're always looking for the next book to get or researching something we're unsure on, it's so important to us that we are able to answer every question you have and give you honest advice. It's much more important to us that you receive the correct advice over selling you something you don't need as health of the livestock always comes first! We're always interested in finding out new things and love to pass on our knowledge (see our useful learning section).


Free Water Testing
We know that Fish health and happiness is the most important thing that we're all trying to achieve. That is why we offer free water testing to all Customers (this service is not to be taken advantage of and could be refused). Weekends are our busiest days so try to avoid bringing a water sample in on those days if you can. We are of course able to explain and advise on what the tests are showing, how the issues are caused and most importantly, how to resolve them!


All Videos

All Videos

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Video above shows 'Skin Flukes' in a mucus scraping taken from a customer's koi. 

Microscope Analysis
We are proud to offer our Microscope Analysis service to identify Parasites on Pond fish. We ask that you always call ahead to work out the best time to either bring in a fish or for us to come out to the pond. It involves netting a seemingly ill fish, taking a mucus scraping from gills to tail and then analysing it under the microscope. We may deem it necessary to examine the gills of the fish either by us looking inside or taking a gill scrape. When done properly, none of these quick processes harm the fish but it can be stressful or harmful if done wrong, so we wouldn't recommend doing it unless you know how to. - this service may have a small charge which can be discussed when calling.


Dry goods
We offer an extensive range of dry goods for all areas of the hobby. We're happy to give recommendations on products and will always advise on why we think it's a good fit for you. We stock many different brands including; Oase, Evolution Aqua, Nt labs, Eheim, Aqua one, TMC, Nyos, Juwel, Tetra, and many others inbetween! We have weekly deliveries and have an open customer order book, just incase you can't find what you're after... from the biggest aquarium to a tiny impeller shaft, we cover all bases!



Live and Frozen food
We have weekly deliveries of both live and frozen food!
Live food;  Brineshrimp, Bloodworm, Daphnia, Copepods, River Shrimp.
Frozen food; Brineshrimp (+ with additives) Bloodworm, Daphnia, Copepods, Mysis, Krill Superba & Pacifica, Whole fish, Cockles in & out shell, Muscles, Cichlid mix, Vegetarian mix, Quintets.


RO & Salt Water
We are able to offer Reverse Osmosis and pre mixed Salt Water in store everyday. It's best to call ahead as some days our water can be in particularly high demand (usually weekends) however we will have the containers filling up over night ready for the next day!

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