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Tropical fish. African Cichlid. Aulonara OB (Orange blotch)

Welcome to our Tropical Fish department at Millbrook Aquatics. With over half of our fish room being dedicated to Tropical Fish we've always got a wide selection, from your common Neon Tetra to more unusual species such as Elephant Nose or Fahaka puffers and everything in between we're confident that we stock something for everything.

We are also able to offer our well stocked systems dedicated to both South American Cichlids such as stunning Jack Dempsey or peafeul blue rams, and African Cichlids from Lake Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria! Whether it's a Community, Semi Agressive or Species only aquarium, we can certainly help you! With aquariums available to purchase from your 30ltr starter, to serious 450ltr set ups... and bigger!

Tropical Fish Siamese Fighter Full moon
Tropical Fish Puffer Fish Spotted Puffer

We quarantine all our freshwater livestock for  minimum of 7 days before offering them for sale. This allows them to rest and be healthy and feeding well before you buy them. We're also happy to order in specific fish you're after and have a customer request book. In our plant table we stock potted plants, along with moss balls and plants on wood, we also stock mother plants that thrive in planted tanks. 

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