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Tropical fish. African Cichlid. Aulonara OB (Orange blotch)
Tropical Fish Siamese Fighter Full moon

Welcome to our Tropical Fish department at Millbrook Aquatics.

With over half of our fish room being dedicated to Tropical Fish we a vast array of species with something to suit every set up. Our fish room boasts over 100 aquariums packed with stunning freshwater tropical livestock.

We quarantine all fish for a minimum of 7 days before bringing them round to the main shop and offering them for sale. We treat for both parasitic and bacterial infections so you can be confident in the livetsock you are buying. 

We are confident you'll find something you love but if not we take order requests and always do our best to accomdate any requests. 

We also boast a large plant tank packed with freshwater plants, delivered each week. 

Tropical Fish Puffer Fish Spotted Puffer
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