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Marine Soft Coral Goniopora

Welcome to our Marine Department at Millbrook Aquatics. After taking the shop on in 2016 this is something we really wanted to improve.

Marines now makes up just under half of our fish room with a 1000ltr coral bay in the centre. We always hand select all our fish, coral and invertebrates and are always happy for you to put in a request for any species you're after.

Marine Gem Tang
Marine Soft Coral Acan

We have a diverse range of species, suitable for every aquarium from the desk top nano to the 8ft room divider. 

We stock a wide range of Marine equipment and aquarium set ups, from different brands such as Nyos, D-D, TMC, Red Sea and can help people starting out in the hobby up to experts on their next adventure in the world of Marines. We are also able to offer R.O and Pre mixed Salt Water