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Welcome to our Pond Section at Millbrook Aquatics. In the spring and summer this section of the shop really comes into it's own!

With over 24,000ltrs dedicated to Koi, Goldfish, Orfe, Tench, Rudd, Carp and Strugeon/Sterlets, we definitely stand out as the place to go!
All our pond fish and plants are outside year round and all bred/grown here in the UK so are well adapted to our climate.

Koi Metallic Koi

Throughout the season we get both fish and plant deliveries in weekly and have over 800 plants in stock at peak times ranging from the smallest Oxygenating bunch up to the biggest Gunnera! This is matched by having over 1500 pond fish in stock at any time throughout the spring and summer.

We also stock all the equipment to get you started on your first pond, upgrade your current one or bring your dream pond to life! This includes; pumps, filters, liners, underlay, fittings, hosing, preformed ponds, UV's and bulbs, repair kits, cover nets and everything in-between.

Water lily Pond plant Pond flower Aquatic plants

We also have all the things you'll need for your fishy friends including food and treatments, we even have a microscope in store to identify parasites!  (More info on Microscope Analysis under; what else we offer)